Where can I buy Health Enthusiast Co. protein balls from?

You can buy them online at our online store (go to ‘shop’) OR you can  buy them in local cafes and fitness studios in Melbourne (go to ‘stockists’ to check out our full list of stockists).


What are the benefits of eating Health Enthusiast Co. protein balls?

Our nutritionist created protein balls are a delicious, convenient and protein packed snack to curb those sugar cravings while giving you a natural and nutritious energy hit.

Each hand crafted ball is raw, gluten free and made without any refined sugars, preservatives, artificial colours or flavouring.


How are your protein balls different to some in the market?

  • Our protein balls are ‘nutritionist made’ to ensure our health enthusiasts are enriched with essential vitamins and minerals to power through the day!
  • Our protein balls are actually protein rich! With around 8g of protein in each 40g ball to keep you fuller for longer!
  • All our balls are preservative free and do not have any artificial colours or flavouring, including ‘nasties’ such as ‘glycerine’, ‘stabilisers’ and ‘emulsifiers’!
  • We have sourced the best quality of each ingredient to enhance flavour and nutrition (we’re all about quality over quantity)
  • Our protein balls are nice and chewy and never hard and dry!


Where are Health Enthusiast Co. protein balls made?

Our nutrient rich protein balls are made in Melbourne.


How do I store Health Enthusiast Co. protein balls?

Our protein balls last up to three months if kept in a cool, dry place below 20 degrees. (we recommend keeping them in the fridge if possible)