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09 May MY Top 5 Melbourne Brunch Spots

Melbourne will never disappoint you if you are looking for a new cafe with amazing coffee or a delicious menu. As a health enthusiast and keen foodie, I am always looking for new healthy places to try. There is nothing I love more than catching up with my girlfriends over brunch or enjoying my daily morning latte.

Below are the latest cafe spots I have been at and absolutely loved! If you are looking for a healthy new place to brunch, these are a must try!


This clean eating cafe is located in the western suburbs of Melbourne in Yarraville. It has a delicious variety of plant based food and catering for all the sugar, gluten and dairy free health enthusiasts. Producing incredible juices, smoothies, breakfast bowls and lunch options. The almond crusted chicken wrap on a organic spelt wrap is delicious and their acai bowls will never disappoint!


Little Big Sugar Salt is a cosy cafe in Abbotsford situated on Victoria Street with the cutest menu design I have seen! The creative menu is presented along a food pyramid, indicating its size and whether the meal is sweet or savoury. I ordered the Secret Garden which was absolutely delicious and gave me at least 2 of my 5 serves of veggies for the day, which made me leave feeling extremely satisfied! I also was able to get an almond milk latte- which can be hard to find at most cafes, which again was amazing!
Patch is located in Richmond, situated within the heritage restoration of Studio 9. Their sublime paleo inspired food delivers a healthy menu with a great atmosphere. The power bowl is an amazing light-sweet breakfast or try the delicious cave man meal which would be perfect after a big night out in melbourne town!
Located in the beachside suburb of Elwood. Mostly known for their delicious nourishing raw smoothies along with some of Melbourne’s best raw cakes and treats. Their Acai bowl, raw pizzas and raw snicker treats are my favourite!
Sardi is definitely becoming one of Melbourne’s favourite go to spots for brunch, healthy smoothies and delicious almond milk lattes which are located on Church St, Hawthorn. This small cafe delivers a variety of healthy all day breakfast options, including delicious acai and superfood breakfast bowls (which I desperately want to go back for!) as well as a tasty lunch menu. Their coffee is superb and they offer almond milk lattes which taste amazing, even if you aren’t lactose intolerant!

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09 Feb Obesity: The Problem

Obesity is a major health concern in Australia. There are currently 62.8% Australians that are overweight or obese and numbers are steadily increasing over the years. The onset of obesity is occurring at a younger age, which means associated diseases will provide unhealthy and unhappy lives of those affected.

Obesity is strongly related to chronic inflammation, which is a low-grade inflammatory attack within the cells that responds to harmful stimuli and is the root cause of many diseases. This raises a number of concerning chronic and debilitating diseases, including; diabetes, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, stroke and some cancers.

Over-nutrition and obesity influences impaired adipose tissue (fat cell) function that causes inflammation and promotes diseases. Adipose tissue is also an important endocrine organ, which has multiple metabolic roles in regulating our overall body energy homeostasis. Fat cells become enlarged as individuals become overweight or obese, thus the fat cells cause negative modifications that effect systematic metabolism. This is how inflammation is caused which therefore initiates inflammatory pathways which contribute to concerning chronic diseases.

Your health is at risk if you have a waist of;
Men: More than 94cm
Women: More than 80cm

Recommendations to prevent or reduce inflammation:

  • Eat foods containing Omega 3 fatty acids, or alternatively take omega 3 supplements that are found to reduce inflammation.
  • Adjust your diet by switching to products with low fat quality to high fat quality, consult your GP, dietician or nutritionist for advice on products that will suit your lifestyle.
  • Introduce actions that will decrease waist circumference or help maintain a healthy weight. This includes either exercises or diet practices.
  • Reduce sedentary behaviours, including sitting, standing and sleeping (adults should not be sleeping more than 8-9 hours a day). Sedentary behaviours are strongly associated with increased BMI’s.
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