03 May The Wellness Festival

I had an incredible weekend at the Colour and Coconuts Wellness Festival on Saturday!

For those of you who don’t know about the festival, the festival was an action packed day event, featuring expert thinkers, achievers and influencers.

It was an inspiring event that covered all things health, wellness, self-love, wealth, career and relationships.


The 6 amazing speakers were;


Melissa Ambrosini (Author of Mastering Your Mean Girl)

Sarah Wilson (I Quit Sugar)

Lisa Messenger (Author and Founder of the Collective)

Carla Oats (The Beauty Chef)

Sarah Holloway (Founder of Matcha Maiden)

Julie Stevanja (Founder of Style Runner)

The day started with a fresh coconut on arrival and a packed goodie bag waiting for each person on their seat. The Wellness Market was open early with an abundance of nutritiously delicious food from. Health Enthusiast Co. (yay),  as well Combi, Tokyo Tina, Greene St Juice, Extra Mile Kombucha, Natures Nosh, Koja, Full Filled Co, Pana Chocolate, Loving Earth and more!


First up was Melissa Ambrosini, who started with a guided meditation, then taught everyone in the room how to switch off their inner mean girl/boy and start living a life without fear or doubt. Melissa shared some of her dark past experiences, of how her life revolved around partying, toxic relationships and self doubt, until she eventually burnt her candle and ended up in hospital seriously ill! She has turned her life upside down and is now one of Australia’s well respected self love teachers.


Julie Stevanja talked about how she built Style Runner. ‘I wanted active-wear that was different, something that no one had. But I couldn’t find anything… That’s when I had a light bulb moment and Style Runner was born’. Style Runner is now one of the highest turn over companies in Australia under 4 years old!


Carla Oats, also known as ‘The Beauty Chef’, is a naturalist and skin care specialist who talked about the importance of fermented foods and gut health. Carla believes that beauty begins in the belly and has done a lot of research and writing to prove this theory.


Sarah Holloway, founder of Matcha Maiden talked about how she quit her day job as a full time lawyer, to kick start her business. Her and her partner Nicholas, bought about 10kg of Matcha from Japan as a side project to sell in Australia and in a matter of months they found themselves running a booming global business! Sarah shared her wellness journey with everyone, as well as some handy tips on how to maintain a successful business.


And finally, Sarah Wilson, founder of I Quit Sugar, spoke about how some of us over complicate wellness. Sarah believes that in order to get the most out of life, we not only need to simplify our  lives but our diets too!


Overall the festival was like no other and Lauren Pell (founder of Colour and Coconuts) is most definitely taking her launch event to Sydney later this year.


Check out for more information for those who are interested!


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28 Feb The Wellness Festival

Has everyone heard about Melbourne’s Wellness Festival launching in April 30!?

CC instagram1
If not, put that on your to do list today!
Last night Colour and Coconuts launched their first ever event, ‘The Wellness Festival’. For a quick update, there will be 6 amazing speakers, including;

  • Sarah Wilson (I Quit Suagar)
  • Lisa Messenger (Founder of Collective Hub)
  • Melissa Ambrosini (Author of Mastering You Mean Girl)
  • Julie Stevanja (Co-Founder of Style Runner)
  • Carla Oats (The Beauty Chef)
  • Sarah Holloway (Co-Founder of Matcha Maiden)

There will also be fresh coconuts on arrival, packed goodie bags, a lunchtime workout, healthy food trucks, a wellness market and much more!
Check out their website for more info.
Early bird tickets go on sale Friday, so make sure you get in quick because I really wouldn’t want any of you to miss out!
I hope to see all my fellow health enthusiasts at the event!
Happy Monday


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19 Feb Exciting News

Hey there my fellow health enthusiasts!
I am excited to tell you guys that I have finally properly launched my protein balls in Melbourne!
Apron holding PB
If you’re a Melbournian like me and close to any of my stockists, make sure you try one and tell me what you think!
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do and I am looking forward to start working on the next product!
116 Errol Street
North Melbourne 3051
480 Bridge Road
Richmond 3121
211 Glenhuntly Road
Elsternwick 3185
381 Montague Street
Albert Park 3206
7 Leake Street
Essendon 3040
1/7 Almeida Cred
South Yarra 3141
Hope you all have a lovely weekend! X

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16 Nov My Sydney Weekend:)

Last weekend I went to the 9 TO THRIVE expo in Sydney, which was hosted by Business Chicks, who are a group which believe that great things happen when women come together, to inspire and motivate each other. It was an amazing weekend with friends were I definitely was inspired, motivated and informed by some amazing individuals.
The expo involved everything food, nutrition, health, fitness, beauty, fashion and careers. There was a panel and discussion for everyone to listen to with top female industry leaders including- Michelle Bridges, Sarah Wilson, Dr Libby Weaver, Samantha Wills, Jules Sebastian, Zoe Foster Blake, Shelley Barrett, and Emma Isaacs.
All the guest speakers inspired and motivated me in some way. I left with a thousand ideas and take home messages, and could not wait to get home and properly take it all in.

One of the most inspiring speakers to me was Dr.Libby Weaver, a nutritional biochemist that empowered and inspired me to take my health to the next level.
She explained some complex concepts, in layman’s terms, on how we can dump stress for good. Libby informed us on how detrimental stress can be on our health. She understands that the average woman is often tired, stressed, overwhelmed and anxious, and enlightened everyone how to bounce back!
She talked about our sympathetic nervous system, ‘the fight or flight response’ (the red zone) and the parasympathetic nervous system, were all the resting, digesting, repair and reproducing happens (the green zone). She explained how we could be more in the green zone over the red (which most of us aren’t) and how that can lead you on a path to a healthier and happier life.

Her tips to spend less time in the ‘red zone’ were;
• Less caffeine or no caffeine
• Be grateful
• Extend the length of exhalation, and
• Practice yoga, tai-chi and breathe awareness.

I was able to buy one of her books ‘Beauty from the Inside Out’ and get it personally signed. Yay! She is an amazing woman with plenty of knowledge, scientific research and energy. I am so grateful I was able to listen to her and I can’t wait to read all of her books.
Michelle Bridges shared her story on how she built her fitness empire and provided valuable tips on how to build your brand, and of course get a killer summer body. Which by the way, she had an incredible body, even when pregnant! Her key points were to ‘know your vision’ and ‘know your why’. I think this is incredibly important if you have an important goal. It can be easy to get off track or be demotivated due to certain hurdles along the way.

Sarah Wilson was another inspiring speaker, who promotes a sugar free and toxic free lifestyle. She talked about her 8 week ‘I quit sugar’ program and her 13 tips to wellness, which were…
1. Quit Sugar
2. Cook
3. Ride a bike
4. Walk
5. Slow cook
6. Use less stuff
7. Less ingredients
8. Be a total, scummy, daggy cook
9. Have a warm root
10. Create your own life boundaries
11. Drop stuff that makes you itch
12. Don’t seek balance
13. Get your, grubby mitts off ‘let it go’

I loved how Sarah advocated for doggy bags at restaurants and even encouraged to start asking for other people’s food if uneaten! It showed her true sense of individuality and how she is not afraid to speak up about what she believes in. I really don’t know how that would work due to extremely strict food safety and OHS rules in Australia. However I like how she used her time to alarm others about food waste and how we can try prevent the issue. About 50 percent of food produced for human consumption in the world, is never eaten. It was great to see Sarah trying to make a positive difference to the environment and be so passionate about food sustainability.

The whole 2-day event was amazing to be apart of, I can’t wait to attend many more, and I encourage you to go too! Anyone is welcome, it is a great place to meet with likeminded people, share stories, knowledge and become inspired and motivated by a group of amazing women.

Here are some of my favourite places I ate at in Sydney along the way, that I’d love to share with you. These places were exceptional and if you haven’t already been, they are a must try!!

Straight off the plane from Melbourne to Sydney and the first stop was The Grounds of Alexandria! This is my favourite cafe of all time. Anything you order off the menu will be delicious!
the grounds

Bread and Circus was another incredible cafe in Alexandria. The space was really cool, with a lot of pink, which I loved:) and a menu of dishes filled with a rainbow of colour. I couldn’t go past a plate of an assortment of salads, with poached chicken on the side, accompanied by a ginger rainwater kefir beverage. It was honestly the bomb and I cannot wait to get back!

bread and circus

In North Bondi there is also plenty of cafes and eateries. My top 3 would be, Speedos, Bondi Whole foods and Porch & Parlour.

bondi wholefoods
Bondi Whole foods

& I won’t go on for too much longer, because I am not sure if you get as excited about food as much as I do! haha but feel free to reach out to me if you would like a list of recommendations for healthy cafe’s or restaurants in Sydney.
Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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